Medium : Original, charcoal and acrylics on Fabriano paper, 2021
Size : 500mm (width) x 700mm (height) (unframed)
Price : POA

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Semi uses his art as a tool to communicate emotions of hope & happiness despite the surrounding circumstances.

His inspiration is derived from the everyday experiences of the ordinary South Africans. The children represent the freedom, the innocence, that inner child within each one of us that gives us the courage & inspiration to carry on & face our day to day challenges.

The School kids represent the fact that the youth are the most important group of our civilization.  "My work is characterized by bright colours as I teach myself to see the brighter side of every situation especially during these Covid-19 times where all seem to be collapsing and everyone is exhausted and losing hope.  It is in times like these where we must be optimistic and be appreciative of the little things that make us smile."


Semi Lubisi is a self-taught artist from Ivory Park - Tembisa, currently working from Ellis House Art Studios in Johannesburg.

Lubisi is from Ivory Park in the East of Johannesburg. He studied Electrical Engineering but dropped out to pursue Art. His love for art began during his primary school days and he took guidance from reading art books and admiring works from established artists. He has no formal education in art and everything he knows about art has been self-taught. He learns from every stroke and every critical feedback he has received. “My inspiration is derived from the everyday lives of ordinary South Africans, being it children playing at school or in the townships, or the cities as well as the normal ambience of ordinary citizen’s movements” he says.

The medium he utilises is mixed, consisting of Watercolours, Acrylics, Ink, charcoal & sometimes collage on Fabriano paper.

His style is characterized by firm charcoal strokes with soft shades combined with bright colours that bring an element of vibrance & vividness. 
These works bring awareness of social issues affecting the communities in the townships and invites the audience to experience the feelings.


I grow everyday from every stroke & critique, one just never stops learning..."

One of his achievements is being in the Top 100 on Thami Mnyele Art Competition in 2017. He Has also worked with Knext Art Gallery, The Gavin Project, The Travelling Art Gallery, Opulent Living Gallery & MMArtHouse, MAD Leadership Foundation.

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