Original Nelson Makamo
Artwork & Prints

The Nelson Makamo Artworks Collection 2021/22

Gallery Direct has sourced and curated paintings by the celebrated South African artist Nelson Makamo. These artworks belong to private investors and art collectors that we have access to. Our unique collection of Nelson Makamo artworks for sale are available for purchase framed and well looked after. His work is truly unique, it is keenly sought after and is some of the most expensive South African Art.

Nelson Makamo artworks that are available and for sale belong to private individuals and art collectors that do not wish to showcase their artworks to the public.

Nelson Makamo paintings are incredible forms of investment with a great long-term appreciation and value.

All original Nelson Makamo artworks in the collection are hand-signed and numbered by the artist himself.

Makamo has started to make a name for himself globally through his vibrant and iconic pieces.

He displays the constant change in his environment of both the urban and rural areas in South Africa in his artwork. A Makamo painting is usually made up of delicate, light brush strokes, creating an innocent and pure feel. With the use of charcoal, oil and watercolours, this evolves into intriguing and inspiring demonstrations that symbolize the destitute of the children of Africa and the environment of the urban and rural areas in the country.

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