Drawing done by William Kentridge

Original William Kentridge Art For Sale in South Africa

The William Kentridge Art Collection 2021/22

We have independently curated artworks by the South African contemporary artist William Kentridge. Every work of art has been sourced from our network of private art collectors and sellers. Our rare selection of William Kentridge Art for sale is available for purchase framed and well preserved. His work is truly unique, it is keenly sought after and is some of the most expensive South African Art.

All William Kentridge art for sale is held by private sellers and collectors that do not wish to display artworks publicly.

Kentridge has made a name for himself internationally through his unnerving, controversial illustrations.

He depicts a love-hate relationship with his home city of Johannesburg and emphasises the shift from the post-apartheid regime. A Kentridge Drawing is generally composed of thick, hard charcoal lines with seemingly unorganised strokes, creating a serious tone. Resulting in thought-provoking illustrations that capture snapshots of inequality in a nation struggling to face challenges & change.

He conveys his feelings openly, for which he has often been critised. But, true to his purpose Kentridge’s drawings carry an uncomfortable recurring theme of the helplessness that the oppressed must face in an “evolving” South Africa.

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