Bespoke Hand-Made Mirrors

A well-decorated home will always need a well-designed mirror. Find decorative designs in our collection, and browse modern and vintage mirrors to add a finishing touch to your look. The mirrors can be cut, shaped, polished and drilled to your bespoke designs. We manufacture custom made mirrors to suit the walls of any room including custom framed mirrors for bathrooms or other living room spaces.


The size of your mirror is important. You must ensure that the mirror does not look lost or misplaced on the wall. Whether you are looking for a large mirror or a small mirror, we do it all.

Having multiple and various unique sized frames, usually by decorating with circle mirrors will always look best on a feature wall to help stand out.

If you are looking to keep it simple, you can never go wrong with a medium-sized mirror such as a 600mm diameter round mirror or perhaps a 1m long thin metal frame mirror.


Having the correct shape mirror will help determine which style is needed.

A large full length mirror will help elongate the room and stretch it out.

If you are looking for a more delicate touch to your room or even above your bathroom vanity, an oversized round wall mirror will be perfect.

A unique mirror such as a pill-shaped, geometric or lattice wall mirror will help add some differentiation to the space.


Choosing the right style of frame and mirror is important as it creates the tone in the room.

If you are looking for a simplistic mirror for a bathroom or modern designed room, a plain full length mirror or even a frameless mirror will be best suited.

Geometric and ornate mirrors have a more dramatic look and are the focal point on the wall in the room.

Lastly, if you are moving towards a more rustic look, a distressed or whitewashed frame would work best.


Buy wholesale mirrors which vary from standard to premium ranges and look best for every home decoration. Our stunning mirror collection will make your customers purchase either for gifting to someone or for themselves.


With our spectacular delivery and installation service, Gallery Direct is not only able to bring your designs to life, but we are also able to bring them to your home.


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